I send all of my friends of the sabadell97s group one salutation ant I see you on Friday.


meeting on 27
all arrived on time. We began speaking a little about the days of Sant Joan explaining anecdotes on this important celebration that it brings the summer to us. Montse read a summary that happened on the encounter in the South of France. Pilar brought a book about Marilyn Monroe. Enriqueta brought an incomplete song of Nina Simone in which we tried to guess the words that were no writen in the paper. This material and the vision through youtube we spent two hours immersed in the language and with desire to continue the next week with new proposals. We met 8 participants and also we were experimenting how to participate in blog of "sabadell97s"



hello, we are writing about how use this blog


Sabadell, 15th Juny, 2008
First meeting was celebrated in Sabadell, in the "La Selva street. During two hours we did practice of conversation and we projected a video coming from "youtbe" we tryied to understand all its content. After repeating it several times, in the end we managed to understand almost all the vocabulary. It is an exercise that requires patience, a lot of patience! but in the end it is is a practical way to advance in listening. Then, we celebrated our first encounter eating some "montaditos" and drinking good wine, bear, limonade... We will follow with the weecky encounter. The next one will be at 9.00 pm on this Friday. Waiting for you!

an interesting video from youtube about men's brain women's brain, see, listen and practice.

I'll wait for the next one. It is in French language and wrote in English.


Dear friends
welcome to this site. Do you want to practice English?
This is the place where you can write in this language, learn, an share with friends conversations, writing, reading, listening or havin meetins every week. There is a few rules have part of this group. But don't worry. You have the oportunity to meet good friends all of them avaiable to help you. Don'd mind for your English level because this is a multi-level conversation practices.
We invite you to come every week.

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